Momentum Venture Management, LLC

Great ideas don't get funded. Great business do.

"We came to MVM mainly because of our fundraising needs, but, we got much more value than we ever expected out of their involvement."
Dotan Saguy, CEO,
Blue Lava Group

We are very interested in learning about your business. If you would like to submit a plan, please first make sure you meet the criteria below then email your information to

Business Plan Criteria
We encourage you to send a plan that presents your business in as few words as possible. Two preferred formats are a 2-page executive summary or a 15-20 slide presentation. Our unique model dictates that we only consider plans that meet some basic criteria:

  • We only look at early-stage companies that have working technologies. While we respect
    businesses that have products in development, our model is designed to help ventures
    that already have proven products and services that are ready to deploy.

  • In most cases we only consider companies that have at least one existing customer
    using their products. This "proof of concept" is essential in demonstrating the viability
    of a start-up enterprise.

  • Candidates for our portfolio should demonstrate that they require less than $10 million
    in funding to achieve cashflow break-even.

  • Our model calls for us to engage in a C-level role, typically CEO and typically for
    9 to 12 months. Thus, you should be looking for more than just funding when
    considering whether we are a "fit".

  • Although not limited to these markets, Momentum Venture Management has the
    most experience in IT, software, SaaS, and Internet technologies and services
    (especially search related). In general, we do not pursue engagements with companies
    that develop medical devices and technologies, biotechnology or pharmaceuticals.

  • We only look at companies based in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas
    so that we can work closely on a daily basis with the entrepreneurs.